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A Canberra Contractor that secured the contract for the ongoing rehabilitation of the aging ACTEW water and sewer infrastructure requires individuals with a specific and unique skill set. The challenges faced in directly sourcing suitable candidates for the positions, when they do became available, was simply too time consuming for the Head Office.


The Employ Me Civil Labour Hire Canberra Team was contracted in March 2014 to assist the Head Office in recruiting suitable Civil Machine Operators and Skilled Civil Labour Candidates.


Since March 2014, Employ Me Civil Labour Hire has recruited the required operators and labourers needed by the Canberra Contractor, covering a range of skill sets from site supervisors, excavator and machine operators, through to truck drivers and labourers.


Employ Me Labour Hire Australia covers your labour hire and recruitment needs in the following markets:

New South Wales


Australian Capital Territory


Water Main Renewal Program – Canberra, ACT

As part of Icon Water’s ongoing enhancements across the city, we are planning to replace a water main that services your area. We are conducting this work to ensure the water supply remains reliable and of high quality.


What’s involved?

Icon Water have engaged local contractors, ITS and Interflow to undertake these works and their staff will be carrying Icon Water identification cards at all times.
The renewal works will require some excavation, however trenchless construction techniques will be used where possible to reduce the construction impacts. Further notification will be provided regarding any road closures.


Testing for safety

To ensure your safety and that of our contractors, ITS and Interflow, we are required to test electrical earthing arrangements of your property before commencing the pipe replacement works. The tests are carried out at no cost to you.


Water supply and temporary water services

Water supply will be maintained throughout construction unless otherwise advised.

We may need to supply properties via a temporary water supply pipe, which will be a small plastic white or blue pipe running along the ground in front of the affected properties in your street. A connection from this supply pipe will then be made to your water meter.

There will be a short loss of water supply (a few minutes) when the temporary supply is initially connected and again when it is disconnected once the works are completed.  Customers will be notified at least four days in advance of any planned interruption to water supply.


How you can help

Please maintain clear access to your water meter to ensure the temporary supply connection can be made. Should there be any concerns about access to your meter, the contractor will contact you prior to works to confirm arrangements.

Ensure that members of your household and visitors are made aware of the services and associated fittings, to reduce the likelihood of tripping and any other possible injuries.

Please do not attempt to modify, disconnect or turn off the temporary pipework.


Water Quality

Quality of the temporary water supply is of the same high standard as you normally receive, however you may experience a slight reduction in pressure during the temporary supply period.


Site access and restoration

In some situations, driveway access may be affected.  If this is the case, we will notify you well in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.  We will install vehicle ramps where temporary services are installed across driveways.  Please ask drivers to move slowly across these ramps without stopping, to reduce the risk of damage to your temporary supply.

Grassed areas affected by the works will be restored as close as possible to their original condition, including any affected roads, footpaths and driveways.  We will provide further information about restoration works once the water main renewals have been completed.


Restorations obligations

All reasonable steps will be taken to minimise damage and restore land as soon as practicable to a condition similar to its condition before operations began (Utilities ACT 2000).  We will communicate and work with our community to address any issues where restorations would involve an interference with our network. Please raise any concerns regarding restoration with us as soon as you become aware of them, so that we may reasonably respond.

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