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CONSTRUCTION & CIVIL INDUSTRY – QUALIFIED TRADESMAN AND SKILLED LABOURERS   The construction and civil works industry is extremely labour intensive. As the owner of a construction company or a civil works contractor, you definitely understand the importance of honest,hardworking and skilled or casual labour in your field of work. At the same time, you surely also know that finding reliable human resource is extremely difficult....

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Revitalising Newcastle Construction 2017

REVITALISING NEWCASTLE CONSTRUCTION 2017 The NSW Government has committed more than $500 million to revitalise Newcastle’s city centre, through the Revitalising Newcastle Program (the Program). Revitalising Newcastle aims to bring people back to the city centre by strengthening connections between the city and the waterfront, creating job opportunities, providing mo...

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Using Labour Hire as an Effective Recruitment Tool Temporary/labour hire workers play an important role in all industries, from white collar, to logistics to construction.  Often misunderstood, it can be just what your company needs to get you through a peak period.  Below we look at a few of the benefits that Labour Hire of temporary workers can add to your business. Flexibility for the Peak All business has peak times, and conversely there are slow times.  Recruitm...