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The NSW Government has committed more than $500 million to revitalise Newcastle’s city centre, through the Revitalising Newcastle Program (the Program).

Revitalising Newcastle aims to bring people back to the city centre by strengthening connections between the city and the waterfront, creating job opportunities, providing more public places and spaces, and delivering better transport.

UrbanGrowth NSW and Transport for NSW are delivering Revitalising Newcastle Construction in close collaboration with the Hunter Development Corporation, the Department of Planning and Environment and Newcastle City Council.

UrbanGrowth NSW and Newcastle City Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2015 as a commitment to deliver better planning outcomes for the city of Newcastle.

Program vision

Our vision is an activated city and waterfront that attracts people, new enterprises and tourism. Over time, we see great opportunities to build on the strengths of the city to encourage innovative and enterprising industries to thrive. In the longer term, we see an opportunity to strengthen the city’s position on the regional, national and international stage, with a view to stronger ties with the Asia Pacific.

Program objectives

Our thinking is underpinned by six objectives that we believe will drive successful urban transformation.

Bring people back to the city centre: Reimagine the city centre as an enhanced destination, supported by new employment, educational and housing opportunities and public domain, which will attract people.

Connect the city to its waterfront: Unite the city centre and the harbour to improve the experience of being in and moving around the city.

Help grow new jobs in the city centre: Invest in initiatives that create jobs, with a focus on innovative industries, higher education and initiatives to encourage a range of businesses to the city centre.

Create great places linked to new transport: Integrate urban transformation with new, efficient transport to activate Hunter and Scott Streets and return them to thriving main streets.

Create economically sustainable public domain and community assets: Leave a positive legacy for the people of Newcastle. Ensure that new public domain and community facilities can be maintained to a high standard into the future.

Preserve and enhance heritage and culture: Respect, maintain and enhance the unique heritage and character of the city centre through revitalisation.

Community Voices

Community engagement undertaken since 2014 has shown a high level of support for urban renewal. Feedback from the community is shaping our plans to revitalise Newcastle city centre, and throughout the life of this project, the NSW Government is committed to continuing to engage with the community.

Investing in Newcastle – Newcastle Construction

The NSW Government has made a number of announcements relating to the transformation of Newcastle, including:

  • a new multi-modal transport interchange at Wickham
  • light rail between the transport interchange at Wickham and Pacific Park
  • the activation of Hunter and Scott streets linked to the delivery of light rail
  • the revitalisation of land in the heavy rail corridor, the delivery of housing, and the delivery of improved public domain including parks, entertainment precincts and public spaces


The NSW Government has also partnered with other organisations to deliver:

  • funding towards the relocation of University of Newcastle New Space city campus, law and business faculties to the Civic precinct
  • funding towards the relocation of the Court complex to the Civic precinct
  • redevelopment of landholdings around Hunter Street Mall in the city’s East End.

How transport improvements will contribute to revitalising the city centre

A number of transport improvements have been delivered or will soon commence to better connect the city centre to the harbour and improve the experience of moving around the city.

Crossings at Steel Street, Kuwumi Place, Worth Place, Argyle Street, Perkins Street and Wolfe Street now allow for easy pedestrian and cyclist access across the former rail corridor. Redundant rail infrastructure has been removed as we prepare for the new light rail and the transport interchange at Wickham.

Some roads and intersections in the city will also be reconfigured and upgraded to accommodate the new light rail and to ensure traffic flows efficiently in the city centre.

The NSW Government is keen to work with the community to ensure the delivery of great streetscapes, public places, and new active and public transport networks to complement the light rail and interchange projects.

We are currently working with Newcastle City Council to look at how we can improve people’s experience of walking, cycling and moving around the city by:

  • exploring ways to enhance Hunter Street through landscaping, wider footpaths, street furniture and public art
  • preparing a plan to improve cycle links through the city, while also connecting to existing networks that link key points of interest like the University, John Hunter Hospital and beaches
  • undertaking a review of car parking requirements to provide an appropriate mix of parking for residents, businesses, commuters and visitors.

Light Rail – Newcastle Construction

A Review of Environmental Factors(External link) (REF) was prepared to provide information about the Newcastle Light Rail(External link) and to assess the potential environmental impacts during construction and operation of the project.
Community feedback on the proposal has been assessed and Transport for NSW(External link) has released the Submissions Report(External link). Downer EDI has been announced as the Managing Contractor to deliver light rail in Newcastle. Investigative site works for light rail have started and major construction will begin in early 2017.
Transport to support revitalisation of the city centre – Newcastle Construction

A number of transport improvements(External link) are being delivered or are planned to be delivered in Newcastle over the coming years. These improvements have been identified because they contribute to the revitalisation of the city – Newcastle Construction.

Transport for NSW’s role is to deliver a safe, modern and efficient transport system for the city. The introduction of light rail and new modern interchange facilities at Wickham are one part of the program of transport improvements for Newcastle.

Read more(External link) on the transport elements of the city’s revitalisation, being led by Transport for NSW.

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